Meet the 5th Estate team

Agatha is our change agent. She is inventive and communicates with art. Her portfolio contains book covers, illustrations for children’s books, storyboards, animated characters, fashions and more.


She learned from the Masters - really. Her family didn’t have TV, but they had books about VanGogh, Brueghel, Bosh, Cezanne, and so on. So she painted what they painted. 


Agatha has degrees in photography, a fashion business and computer science. She’s worked in the corporate environment for such big boys as IBM, Bayer, Roche and others. She’s worked in Brazil, Amsterdam and Atlanta, managing teams and managing projects. 


Agatha lives a crazy life with jobs and family and international travel. She embraces technology and its seat at the creative table with the client. Agatha, the change agent, will ensure all the right parts are moving to attain success.

Aura is IT. As a software engineer, he is able to create 3-D art to appeal to a sophisticated business audience or an energetic 5-year-old son who loves animation.


Aura is skilled. Not only can he design the outerwear of an icon, but he can also develop its underwear - to make it walk, talk, fly, hip-hop, whatever you imagine. 


He understands working with people. He is the oldest of 5 kids, and they all still live together even though two are married and three are still in school. They live in a high-rise along with his mom and dad.

Design is in Aura’s blood and his hearty laugh is a sign of a job well done. Aura knows graphics, brand identity, banners, video, coding, web development, photoshop. Aura is resourceful; sometimes he has to design new underwear for that icon. That’s why we say Aura is our It Man. (Ouch!)

Joni makes the perfect memory with a blend of people, food, music and art. She creates events that capture your attention along with your tastebuds and curiosity. She makes the magic happen. Nothing is too big. Nothing too small. 


Joni has a degree in early childhood education and likes to have fun more than kids. If you have an idea, she can help develop it. She knows timelines. She knows budgets. Party planners want her back to plan their next event. Guests want to be on the invitation list.

Have you been to the perfect party? Chances are you know Joni’s work. She’s the fun factor at The 5thEstate giving us the precise balance of talent to tackle your project. 

Nancy is the imaginator, exploring the impossibilities and adding color to tell the story. She is a journalist-turned-artist who added paintbrushes to her portfolio of tools to illustrate the world around her.


She spent years as a newspaper reporter and editor living in the United States and Japan before returning to America to do a stint in the corporate world where she tested the volume of social media to send messages in crisis as well as to broadcast marketing reach. 


She travels with a sketchbook, pen and watercolors. The world is her portfolio. Let her capture that quirky part of your business and tell the world. 

Priscila is The 5thEstate supported by a team of entrepreneurs who want to succeed just like the 12-year-old in Brazil selling bracelets.


That was Priscila. By 14, she was having jewelry manufactured and at 18, she had a sales force of 350. She has degrees in marketing and PR and a master’s in fashion communication. 


Priscila continues her love affair with fashion but now focuses on communicating for others bringing them the top computer programmers, communicators, systems architects, artists. If you need Vincent Van Gogh, she has just the artist for you.


The foundation of The 5thEstate is vibrant. Like others on the team, Priscila has a family, three children and a husband and several internet businesses. She is involved in community fashion and the arts. 


She uses her downtime like you to do more, to grow. This is why The 5thEstate is for you.


Roberta is an architectural designer and fine artist who favors watercolor over all other mediums.


She is her happiest as she brainstorms and generates creative ideas and art and graphics. To help clients tell their story she uses many tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, PowerPoint, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCad and Bently.


She has a degree in architecture. Her home is filled with creativity - a son, 13, who envisions a future as an e-gamer and an artist daughter, 17. Art is Roberta’s passion, but cooking is another creative outlet. 


Supporting others as they build new messages or platforms is part of Roberta’s personal blueprint to make a positive impact.